Rising Stars and Extension Program
Joy of Dance is not just a studio, it’s a nurturing environment for students to discover dance and dream big. In this safe space, we offer a program that provides opportunities for advanced training to develop skills and talents and unlock their full potential.

Extension Program

Reach for the stars here at our Extension Program. Here at Joy of Dance, we provide a sanctuary for dancing divas to achieve a higher level of training. Students can delve deeper into nuances of dance technique and explore intricacies of dance. This is not just a platform for technical development, this is also a haven for self-exploration and creativity, helping dancers to cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement and achievement. Refine your dancing skills here at Joy of Dance.

Benefits of the Rising Stars and Extention Program

  • Small class sizes
  • Individual attention
  • Greater Challenges
  • Excel at a faster pace
  • Learn the power of goal setting

What Our Dance Family Has to Say

Let’s take five and listen to our family as they share their dancing chronicles of growth, joy and connection.

“Joy of dance is one of the best dance studio around there paitent and very kind and treat you like family I highly recommend this studio”

thumb_01_60_60Krissy Elliot

Dance Parent

“I have three kids enrolled at joy of dance. This is a fantastic establishment. If you’re looking for a place that feels like home to bring your dancer, this is the place! Both genders are welcome here. Teachers are above and beyond, supportive of the growth of all the kids! They even offer adult classes.”

thumb_01_60_60Jessica Payeur

Dance Parent

“Wonderful dance studio! My daughter loves it and I love that they have toys and books to entertain my boys while she dances”

thumb_01_60_60Lisa Bergeron Kelly

Dance Parent

“Dance studio has welcoming atmosphere. However, my daughter was a bit apprehensive at times being only 3 yrs old and very shy. Her teachers continued to support her and was extremely patient and understanding. She eventually joined the class and I could instantly tell that my child is learning skills far beyond what is demonstrated on the dance floor self confidence, positive attitude, respect, caring and kindness, which is a reflection of Instructors. We are so excited to watch our daughter grow with the Joy of Dance Family!

thumb_01_60_60Cassandra Clarke

Dance Parent

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