Discover the JOY of Movement
Joy cannot be achieved. It is experienced through movement. Discover our dance floor here at Joy of Dance! From the footloose festival to boogie bliss, we have all sorts of classes, just for you.

Ages 1.5 - 4 Years

Fun role-playing plus creative props, each child is nurtured to learn the magical world of ballet, jazz and tap here at JOY of Dance. Twirl your way to the tune of your favorite nursery rhymes. Every dance step is a lesson that goes beyond the art of movement.

Pre-K to K

Glide in the euphoria of exploring ballet, jazz, tap and pophop classes. Here at JOY of Dance, we don’t just teach kids how to move, we guide them how to be free in action, challenging every kid to bring out the shooting star in them.

1st - 2nd Grade

Experience the ballet bliss by learning proper technique, and expression here at JOY of Dance. We refine every child’s skills and nurture their potential. That is the heart of every lesson here at our magical dance floor. 

3rd - 12th Grade

Pop and lock to the sound of Joy. From workshops of ballet, jazz to lyrical and hip hop, we offer classes that refine technique and foster artistic growth. Start your dancing journey in a community that fosters artistic growth and creative freedom, here at JOY of Dance.

Adult Classes

Dance to the beat of your passion through rediscovering your love for movement. Here at JOY of Dance, we offer a diverse set of classes for teens and adults. Focusing on advanced techniques, expressive choreography and personal growth, we encourage every individual to be bold and free through every move. 


Experience our Acro Program, a graceful blend of dance and acrobatics. Flip, tumble and fly towards the thrill of dance here at JOY of Dance, where every adventurous spirit is celebrated.

Performance Teams and Hip Hop Troupe

Leap into the limelight through our Performance Teams and Hip Hop Troupe. This community offers opportunities for those individuals who crave for exhilarating performances in different dance competitions.

Rising Stars and Extension Program

For those dancers dedicated to reaching for the stars, this Extension Program is just for you. Glide your way towards technique training to hone your skills and talent. Our experienced instructors are here to nurture and develop brightening stars for future generations to come.

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Discover the JOY of dance

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