Shine bright like a Star
Pre K to K
Step into the cosmos of movement here at Joy of Dance, where you can move to the beat of your own artistry. Develop your skills through our Shooting Star Classes.

Shooting Stars

Ballet/Jazz Classes

On your path to becoming a shooting star, you have to start somewhere and that is the supernova of fundamentals. Designed as a delightful introductory journey, our shooting stars program offers a dancing playground for youngsters to experience a kaleidoscope of fun, imagination, and play. Leap from character to character and twirl your way into an enchanted world while learning the basics of ballet and jazz, here at Joy of Dance.

Dress Code:
Any color of leotard, pink or tan tights, pink ballet shoes with a stretch binding or with drawstrings cut off or removed, tan slip-on jazz shoes (no ties). And for boys, black pants with a white, gray, or black t-shirt, black ballet shoes, and black jazz shoes. These wardrobes will set you free to move and groove to the sound of joy.

Shooting Stars

Tap/PopHop Classes

Pop and lock to the rhythmic sensation of learning. Here at Joy of Dance, we don’t just prioritize precision in every move, we encourage kids to embark on a footloose festival to fully explore every kid’s potential. Mastering the foundational lessons of tap rhythms and hip hop techniques, this develops creativity and ingenuity. Stomp and slide into our groundbreaking shooting stars program!

Dress Code:
Any color of leotard, pink tight or tan tights, black tap shoes with velcro, and clean sneakers black with white sole. Boys are encouraged to dance in black pants with a white, gray, or black t-shirt and black tap shoes with velcro, and clean sneakers black with white soles.


Students will learn and refine a wide range of acrobatic skills, including tumbling, balancing, contortion, partner acrobatics, and more. They will progress from foundational techniques to more advanced maneuvers, building their confidence and physical capabilities over time.

Dress Code:
At Joy of Dance, we believe that adhering to a dress code gives students a sense of belonging to our family as well as creating an identity for our studio in the greater community. Dance is a discipline and that begins with the way a dancer dresses for class.

Rising Stars

We are proud to offer our Extension Program for the more committed dancer. Just imagine the opportunity for you to achieve a higher level of training in focused technique classes with other dancers who have similar goals, all while still fostering a love for creativity and expression! Our extension program is designed to build upon the technique learned in our dancer’s foundation classes. Dancers attending classes in this program will be working on more advanced techniques while also focusing on strengthening what they already know. These classes are purely technique-based and will not be performance classes. In these classes, we will also work deeper with goal setting, both within the dance studio and beyond. Dancers in the extension program will have the opportunity to audition for our Joy of Dance Company.

The Dress Code

Benefits of the Dress Code


Encourages discipline

Increases a sense of belonging and school pride

Promotes an accepting and positive environment

What Our Dance Family Has to Say

Let’s take five and listen to our family as they share their dancing chronicles of growth, joy and connection.

“My daughter tried a trial class a couple of weeks ago and just love it! Thanks to very passionate and professional teachers there, my daughter had great fun in her first dancing class experience!”

thumb_01_60_60Yunzhi Qian

Dance Parent

“Love this place and so does my daughter. The dance classes are the perfect size and not over crowded which is awesome. Also they are so friendly and welcoming ☺️”

thumb_01_60_60Rachel Clovis

Dance Parent

“I walked in and immediately felt at home and welcomed! I haven’t dance in a couple years and to be welcomed like I was immediately put me at ease. I’m so looking forward to continuing my dance journey and Joy of Dance!”

thumb_01_60_60Sarah Rohde

Dance Parent

“Daughter did her first class this last Monday. She loved it! The teachers definitely have some good patience with that many little ones! Looking forward to what she can learn in the coming weeks”

thumb_01_60_60Blythe Denoncourt

Dance Parent

“If you are looking for dance “home” for your little one, Joy of Dance is it! They are so welcoming and full of fun! I’m so excited for my daughter to grow with Joy of Dance!”

thumb_01_60_60Maegan Reinhart

Dance Parent

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