Dance Adventures for All Ages
Adult Classes
Whether you're reigniting an old passion, exploring a new hobby, or refining your skills, dance is for everyone. Our Adult Classes, ranging from 18 and up, offer diverse types of classes, providing haven for creativity and self expression for all ages.

Adult Beginner/Inter Ballet

Discover the bliss of ballet here at Adult Beginner/ Intermediate Ballet Class at Joy of Dance. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who took some time off from the beauty of Ballet, this class will help you learn or relearn ballet techniques. Find the balance in our barre and center exercises in our welcoming and joyous environment.

Class Options 2023/2024:

Mondays: 7:15p-8:10p Adult Beg/Inter Ballet – $76

Adult Beginner/Inter Jazz

For students who want to find the groove in them, jazz fundamentals is the way to go. This beginner/intermediate class level is perfect to learn the style and funk of jazz. Move to the sound of joy here at our Adult Beginner/Inter Jazz Classes.

Class Options 2023/2024:

Mondays: 6:15p-7:10p Adult Beg/Inter Jazz – $76

Adult Beginner Tap

Create cadence with the footloose festival in our Adult Beginner Tap Classes. This beginner will take you through all of the basic tap techniques in a fun environment. It’s not too late to tap into your inner rhythm here at Joy of Dance.

Class Options 2023/2024:

Tuesdays: 7:00p-7:55p Adult Beginner Tap – $76


Adult Intermediate Tap

Let your body lead the way here in our Adult Intermediate Tap Classes. In this class, we concentrate on finding the rhythm while incorporating jazz style in every step you make. The technique is focused on achieving clear sounds and expressive rhythms all while building on basic tap principles to achieve a more challenging class. Feel the beat of your own two feet here at Joy of Dance. 

Adult Hip Hop

Hop onto our Hip Hop Haven at Joy of Dance. Our Hip Hop Classes that everyone can pop and lock to the music of the past and present. This also includes warm up and strengthening classes to help you groove and move freely in every beat of joy. 

Class Options 2023/2024:

Mondays: 8:15p-8:55p Adult Hip Hop – $63

Adult Inter/Adv Jazz

Here at Joy of Dance, we understand that Jazz is not just a genre, it’s a movement. In this class, we ensure that you will learn intermediate/advanced Jazz style with some ballet and lyrical mixed in. We also offer across-the-floor exercises as well as fun dance combos. Dance into a movement of a classic period here at our Adult Intermediate/Advanced Jazz Classes at Joy of Dance.

Adult Lyrical

Express yourself in our Adult Lyrical Class at Joy of Dance. Dance is not just a movement in action, it’s a mode of expression. This dance class helps you learn a combination of jazz and ballet techniques while tapping into your emotions. Tell a story through the art of movement here at Joy of Dance. 

Class Options 2023/2024:

Tuesdays: 8:00p-8:55p Adult Lyrical – $76

Adult Modern

Movement is the magic that happens from your mind to your body and to your heart. In this Adult Modern Class, we’ll demystify the styles of Graham, Cunningham and Horton techniques for every dancing divas to find new and innovative ways to move. Improvisation is also used to help students think outside the box and let their bodies lead the way. Dance to the sound of freedom here at Joy of Dance.

Class Options 2023/2024:

Tuesdays: 6:00p-6:55p Adult Modern – $76

Adult Musical Theater

Discover the beauty in broadway dance here at our Adult Musical Theater Classes. Immerse yourself in a fun, upbeat class that uses jazz techniques. In this class, you will learn musical interpretation while portraying the art of movement. Tell a story through every movement here at Joy of Dance. 

Class Options 2023/2024:

Tuesdays: 7:00p-7:55p Adult Musical Theatre – $76

Alegria Performance

Alegria Dance Company is our adult performance team. This team is in addition to technique classes that provides the opportunity to perform in community performances and attend competitions. Groove and move to the center of the stage with the dream team here at Joy of Dance. 

Class Options 2023/2024:

Wednesdays: 8:15p-9:10p Alegria – $54

The Dress Code

Benefits of the Dress Code


Encourages discipline

Increases a sense of belonging and school pride

Promotes an accepting and positive environment

What Our Dance Family Has to Say

Let’s take five and listen to our family as they share their dancing chronicles of growth, joy and connection.

“Joy of dance is one of the best dance studio around there paitent and very kind and treat you like family I highly recommend this studio”

thumb_01_60_60Krissy Elliot

Dance Parent

“I have three kids enrolled at joy of dance. This is a fantastic establishment. If you’re looking for a place that feels like home to bring your dancer, this is the place! Both genders are welcome here. Teachers are above and beyond, supportive of the growth of all the kids! They even offer adult classes.”

thumb_01_60_60Jessica Payeur

Dance Parent

“Wonderful dance studio! My daughter loves it and I love that they have toys and books to entertain my boys while she dances”

thumb_01_60_60Lisa Bergeron Kelly

Dance Parent

“Dance studio has welcoming atmosphere. However, my daughter was a bit apprehensive at times being only 3 yrs old and very shy. Her teachers continued to support her and was extremely patient and understanding. She eventually joined the class and I could instantly tell that my child is learning skills far beyond what is demonstrated on the dance floor self confidence, positive attitude, respect, caring and kindness, which is a reflection of Instructors. We are so excited to watch our daughter grow with the Joy of Dance Family!

thumb_01_60_60Cassandra Clarke

Dance Parent

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