Jive with Joy
1st - 2nd Grade
Take your skills to the next level with our Dancing workshops, where every class is designed to refine technique and movement. Move, groove and improve, here at Joy of Dance.

Workshop Classes

Ballet/Jazz Classes

Step into the workshop wonderland here at Joy of Dance. Experience two genres in 1 dance session, both advancing your ballet and jazz techniques. From the foundational barre work to the exhilarating across-the-floor combos, twirl in tranquility as we take a step closer to your dancing dreams.

Dress Code:
Shine in any color spaghetti strap leotard, pink or tan tights, and pink canvas split-soled ballet shoes. No shirts are to be worn over leotards for ballet class. Dancers may wish to wear a ballet sweater and/or leg warmers in the wintertime. For boys, dash and dance in black pants with a white, gray, or black t-shirt and black ballet/black tap/black jazz shoes.

Hip Hop Classes

Get ready to pop and lock in our Hip Hop dance class here at Joy of Dance. Let your body move to the R&B Beats. Learn intricate footwork and smooth slides, immersing yourself with the essence of Hiphop. This class isn’t just about learning 1,2,3 steps, it’s about freeing your body to vibe with our dynamic choreography. Dance to the latest BOPs, while developing athleticism and creativity here in our program. 

Dress Code:

Comfort is the key. Sport comfortable clothes, with black sneakers (and white sole) for the perfect hip hop look. While a leotard is not required, tops should extend full length past the hips to extend your line and uniform the class.

Rhythm Tap

Tap into your rhythmic side with our Rhythm Tap Classes at Joy of Dance. Our classes open the rhythm realm, tailored to unlock your inner groove through expressive rhythms, and jazz styles. Refine your technique with the crisp and resonant sounds. Let the rhythm ignite your soul through our program.

Dress Code:
Find your rhythm in comfortable clothes paired with black lace-up tap shoes for that extra stability and flair. For boys, black pants with a white, gray, or black t-shirt and black tap shoes would be perfect. And just like in Hip hop, your top should extend full length past the hips, setting the stage for perfect tap sequences.


Acrobatics combines elements of strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Our acro classes hone your foundational techniques and turn them into advanced maneuvers, building your confidence every step of the day. Discover the allure of acobratics today!

Performance Teams and Hip Hop Troupe

Show off your power moves at the center stage of Joy in our Performance Teams & Hip Hop Troupe. Whether you’re an aspiring ballerina or a hip hop enthusiast, every dancer has a place in this dance community. Experience the thrill of competition while exercising your passion to move and groove here at Joy of Dance. 

Extension Program

Embark on a journey to the stars with our Extension Program at Joy of Dance. Our program offers a dedicated space for aspiring dancers to reach new heights in their training. Dive into the intricate world of dance technique, where every movement is a step toward mastering your craft. But it’s not just about technical prowess; our program is a haven for self-discovery and creative expression, fostering a mindset of relentless growth and accomplishment. At Joy of Dance, refine your skills and unleash your full potential as a dancer.

The Dress Code

Benefits of the Dress Code


Encourages discipline

Increases a sense of belonging and school pride

Promotes an accepting and positive environment

What Our Dance Family Has to Say

Let’s take five and listen to our family as they share their dancing chronicles of growth, joy and connection.

“Joy of dance is one of the best dance studio around there paitent and very kind and treat you like family I highly recommend this studio”

thumb_01_60_60Krissy Elliot

Dance Parent

“I have three kids enrolled at joy of dance. This is a fantastic establishment. If you’re looking for a place that feels like home to bring your dancer, this is the place! Both genders are welcome here. Teachers are above and beyond, supportive of the growth of all the kids! They even offer adult classes.”

thumb_01_60_60Jessica Payeur

Dance Parent

“Wonderful dance studio! My daughter loves it and I love that they have toys and books to entertain my boys while she dances”

thumb_01_60_60Lisa Bergeron Kelly

Dance Parent

“Dance studio has welcoming atmosphere. However, my daughter was a bit apprehensive at times being only 3 yrs old and very shy. Her teachers continued to support her and was extremely patient and understanding. She eventually joined the class and I could instantly tell that my child is learning skills far beyond what is demonstrated on the dance floor self confidence, positive attitude, respect, caring and kindness, which is a reflection of Instructors. We are so excited to watch our daughter grow with the Joy of Dance Family!

thumb_01_60_60Cassandra Clarke

Dance Parent

Start your Journey towards JOY

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