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Here at JOY of Dance, we are not just a studio, we are a safe haven for aspiring artists who want to master the art of movement. Nestled in the heart of our vibrant communities across New Hampshire and Maine, we are on a mission to kindle the flame of creativity, individuality, and self-expression through our diverse dance classes.

Our Essence

JOY of Dance operates in the spirit of community and family. We don’t just create a place to move, but a safe space for souls to be free. It’s where children transform into dancers, and dancers evolve into a close-knit family. Here at JOY of Dance, we celebrate artistic individuality and at the same time, the synchronicity of a community, moving in shared spaces at once.




Our Values

What We Offer


One of our many goals here at JOY of Dance is for our studio to be a dancing dreamscape for everyone. We offer respite from daily struggles of life through our dance classes, especially for adults who want to ignite their passion for movement.


Diversity is what makes a community strong and flourishing. Here at JOY of Dance, we open our doors for everyone, no matter the age nor size. Everyone has a place here, celebrating our love for dance.


With the expertise of our experienced dance instructors, every kid has the opportunity to evolve into the dancing divas they are meant to become. Our commitment to growth goes beyond dance, fostering confidence, resilience, and self-love every dance step they take.

Safe Space

Joy of Dance is a haven where dancers can be their true selves, embracing the spirit of freedom. It’s a place where vulnerabilities turn into strengths, and every dancer is encouraged to shine.


Our experienced dance instructors don’t just mold shooting stars, they guide them every dance step of the way. With the power of compassion, this approach not only encourages more individuals to dance, but also builds one another’s trust within ourselves and to the community as well.


Our studio is the heart of a thriving community, a place where lifelong friendships are built. We are a family, embarking on the dancing journey of everyone. Together, we sway our way to discover the JOY of Dance.

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We are not just a studio, we are a community who shares the love for movement

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