A February Update (With Love)
Written by Lindsey Hadley
February 10, 2021

The Studio in February is Fun and Full of Love

Hey NH Fam,

I just love this week at the studio! February is all about love and our dancers sure do share the love with us!

In February, each dancer is given a heart to write what they love about dance on to post around the studio. Here are a few things they are saying!

“I love my teacher. She is so much fun!”

“I love my dance friends.”

“I love the Goldfish song!”

“I love sharing my passion”

“I love to tap.”

Last year we had a “Bring Your Sweetheart to Class Week” and boy did we have fun! Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and siblings all got it in on the fun! It was such a great bonding experience for our dance families. Our dancers absolutely LOVED sharing their passion for dance with the people they love the most. The “Sweethearts” has just as much fun plus they realize all the hard work their dancer puts into class every single week.

Since we weren’t able to do sweetheart week this year, maybe that means we’ll just have to do it two times next year to make up for it??

Talk soon,

Miss Lindsey

PS- You are running out of time to try our 4-Week Stars Program! We started a new session, but it ends this month and we won’t be offering it again until next season.

Text “JUST DANCE” to 604-664-4309 to get started!

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